Madison Brodsky is an entertainment journalist with over 20,000 devoted followers across her social media platforms. The inspiring red carpet correspondent is a force both on-camera and off, but her stunning success wasn’t necessarily an easy path. The small town girl started her career without a single “in” into the industry, but her love affair with the glamor of Hollywood motivated her to achieve her one in a million dream.

Ever since Madison was a little girl, she always loved entertainment news. Award shows quickly became her Super Bowl, and she looked forward to getting cozy in her pajamas to watch each and every red carpet with her favorite pair of dazzling toddler heels to pretend she was interviewing whichever celebrity stepped onto her make believe stage, where a TV was conveniently placed. It may sound naive, but at that point in time, Madison didn’t realize she could actually make television for a living. The job description just seemed too good to be true; so whenever an adult asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, Madison always replied, “Anything that would give me the time to volunteer to hear celebrities’ stories at various red carpets.” Once Madison realized she could get paid for such a career choice, she went to the University of Arizona and double majored in journalism and film and TV.

In an effort to be as well-rounded as possible, Madison completed 12 internships throughout her three years at her University. Those experiences, in addition to her former position at TMZ and Entertainment Tonight, led her to become one of the most sought after red carpet correspondents in today’s crowded industry. Madison excels at interviewing the stars during mega-events and she’s no stranger to breaking Hollywood scoop, all while having fun with A-list celebrities, who consider her a professional friend.

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